He shot His arrows deep into my heart. The thought of my suffering and hopelessness is bitter beyond words. I will never forget this awful time, as I grieve over my loss. YET I DARE to Hope when I remember this: The UNFAILING Love of the Lord NEVER ENDS! By His mercies we have been kept from complete destruction.
Lamentations 3:13,19-22

Friday, December 31, 2010


To be honest I have never been one to care much about the new year!
I always just thought of it as another day. But this year I am so excited to think about what 2011 holds! SO many good things!
Baby # 3 will makes his or her arrival (June 4th)
Kevin will start kindergarten!
I cant believe it! He really is growing up!
Maybe Allie Faith will learn the art of sharing! A mom can dream. But she will officially be the middle.  
 Our families also have so many plans coming up in the new year ... marriage and more babies!
Its all so exciting!

Hope everyone has a Fun and SAFE New Year!!! 


Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas!
There are so many things I love about Christmas.
Jesus! Its a time to celebrate our Lord and Savior! The baby that was born to save this world!
Family! I love spending time with family no matter the occasion, but even more so at Christmas time! Laughing about old times, the food, Christmas music... I Love it!

Speaking of family....we have some family NEWS!!!! We are EXPECTING BABY NUMBER 3!!!
 He or She is due June 4 2011! We couldn't be more excited! Kevin and Allie Faith like the idea of another brother or sister but their still so young that it really hasn't clicked yet. I'm thinking it will only click when we bring baby home.
I'm about 16 and a half weeks along! We decided to wait until Christmas to tell everyone. Im hoping everyone will understand and not be TOO upset that we waited so long to tell.

Both medical and personal reasons went together to make this decision!
 We feel so blessed!!!!
Looks like the baby is in a heart!
This was at 9 weeks and 4 days!
I hope everyone has a Wonderful and Merry Christmas!!!
~The Jones Family

Friday, November 5, 2010

My wonderful Husband of 5 Years!

Five years ago today I walked down an aisle to the most wonderful man. 
 I wouldn't be the person I am today without him.
Reasons why I love my husband:
1.  He is an AMAZING Christian.
(Psalm 18:2)
2.  Hes a WONDERFUL daddy!
3.  He never overreacts about anything! He is the most layed  back guy you will ever meet! He is the epitome of a slow to anger man! 

“Everyone should be quick to listen,, 
slow to speak and slow to become angry
for man’s anger does not bring about
the righteous life that God desires.” James 1:19-20

4. He loves me just the way I am!
Some days I feel I could be a better wife and mother.... I could be thinner....  I could be prettier..... I could be a better christian. 
But David loves me flaws and all!

Hes the man of my dreams!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My "NEW" Dresser!!!

I found it at the thrift store! I was so scratched up I decided to paint it!

Here is my inspiration:

Here's Mine!!!!

OK so here's the before and after


Sanded and Primed

After 2 coats of  primmer and about 10 coats of paint!


I moved it into my room!!!

Just need to add a few fresh flowers!

I have a neighbor who told be I ruined the dresser! BUT To Each's Own!!!
 It was an old scratched up dresser and I love painted furniture!
If it was my grandmothers dresser I would have NEVER painted it but I have NO attachment to it! SO I PAINTED IT! :P

PS: the color is a pale robins egg blue called
Abracadabra By Valspar

 ~ The Southern Cricket

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kids Photo Shoot

The other day we went to the Botanical Gardens in Hover for the kids photo shoot! It was so hot!
 I wish the kids acted a little better for the shoot but what ya gonna do? Thank goodness it was Natalie doing the pictures! She is great with kids. I can not tell you how HAPPY I am with these pictures!




Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Consignment and Thrift Store Shopping! Penny Pinching!

I don't care what people think of me when I say I buy 75% of my kids clothes from thrift stores and local consignment shops!  If I never told you this it  probably wouldn't have crossed your mind! BUT yes its true and I'm proud of it!
Reason #1: Its cheap! I can buy name brand clothes and shoes that are literally "lightly worn" for less than 1.50 a piece! When I first had Kevin I never thought I would ever dress him in clothes that were any less than brand new. BUT I got over that real soon! I feel some people think I'm spoiled! I'M NOT! I shop SMART! I try to buy clothes that are 1 of 2 things: On sale or consignment! I guess some people think ONLY poor people shop thrift stores...not true. I'm not poor, I'm also not rich but non the less you don't have to make a curtain amount of money to shop thrift stores or Consignment. Some people think its gross to buy clothes that someone else has worn....UMM that's what WASHING machines are for!!! 
Now when I say I buy shoes, I buy play shoes. I do think that kids need new shoes. I buy shoes that are like new. I don't buy worn out shoes. I buy shoes that they can play in outside and get all dirty and I wont care because I got them for 1.49. Shoes to me are the one thing I will by new. Its like  Hellman's mayonnaise to me. I buy all my groceries in grocery store brand except mayonnaise. Its HAS to be Hellman's!

Reason #2
 Most important is that you are helping others in need!

America's Thrift Stores is a family owned, for profit company dedicated to:
  • Providing best quality and service in merchandise at great prices.
  • Spreading the Word of Jesus Christ by supporting christian based, family focused ministries.
  • Recycling millions of pounds of items that would normally go to landfills.
America's Thrift Stores purchases new and used items from local charities and department stores and provides additional, and often vital, funding for local Christian-based charities to benefit needy families and individuals.
Find one near you: Americas Thrift Stores

PS: I ALWAYS wash them (shoes and all) BEFORE they are worn!
I feel after you buy something new and you wash it one time it doesn't look new anymore. So it was new "looking" one time!


All bought for less then 15.00

So I went to the Carter's store at Watermark Outlet and got Kevin a few new shirts. They were regularly 14.00 I got them for 5.00!!!
Walmart also has great deals in the middle of season changes. They have to put all their summer clothes on sale to make room for fall/winter clothes. I got this NICE polo and a button up shirt for 4 bucks! SWEET!
Walmart shoes!!! marked down from 25.00 to 15.00 at the check out they were ONLY 8.00!!!  Needless to say I was one happy girl! I used to be someone who HAD to have New Balance shoes for Kevin. Its what he's ALWAYS worn. Again with the mayonnaise just a brand I like but when you have to dress more than one kid you learn to prioritize!
I got his sunday shoes from there! I got them on sale for 12.00! Again one happy girl! :O)
So all and all I got Kevin fall/winter clothes for less than 60.00 including shoes!

Now Allie Faith is a different story! I feel its a little easier to shop for boys!
I got a few pants, dresses and play shoes from the thrift store but her clothes came mostly from Walmart and Carter's outlet store! I know what you're thinking. You just didn't want her to wear used clothes! UMM no not it at all. I got AWESOME deals for her at other stores.

I spent 60.00 for all these outfits! I thought that was pretty dang amazing!
 take an additional 50% off mark downs! Score! 
The only 2 things I bought at regular price are these 2 monkey shirt they were 7.00. Allie Loves monkeys! See if you save money else where you can splurge on some things. Yes 7.00 is a splurge to me!

I got this outfit for FREE! I took in a Carters dollars coupon in and spent a curtain amount and got a 20.00 outfit for FREE.

I got these purple shoes on sale at Kohl's for 4.99!

Thrift Store find!!! 1.50!!!!Wash them up and they were like NEW!

 Thrift store find! Keds! .99 CENTS!

If you don't like shopping the thrift stores and consignment that's ok. I just LOVE it!
If you don't get it then that's ok too! I just wanted to show you how you can stretch your dollar! 

I went back to the thrift store today! I think I hear it calling my name sometimes! LOL
I got Allie Faith 8...8 Kelly Kids boutique dresses! I couldn't believe it! If you know what Kelly's Kids are then you would be excited too! They are expensive. No less than $75.00 a dress. I got them for $2.50 each!!!!! I'm sure some little girl worn each of them once. They look brand new! I was so excited! I will post pictures soon!
The kids have a photo shoot this Saturday and she will be wearing them!