He shot His arrows deep into my heart. The thought of my suffering and hopelessness is bitter beyond words. I will never forget this awful time, as I grieve over my loss. YET I DARE to Hope when I remember this: The UNFAILING Love of the Lord NEVER ENDS! By His mercies we have been kept from complete destruction.
Lamentations 3:13,19-22

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kevin James Jones

Today, five years ago I gave birth to the most beautiful little baby boy. He was 8lbs and had a head full of black hair! I remember the first thing I thought when they handed him to me was- how in the world am I supposed to care for this baby. I had no clue what I was doing. Daivd and I had been married 10 months and I had just turned 21. Being a new, young mom was hard! Thankfully I had David. We had to learn how to care for this little life that the Lord entrusted us with. Over the passed five years, he has taught me how to do everything as a mommy, how to fix sippy cups like a pro, how to make boo-boos better, how to find a paci in the middle of the night, because we only have one that is the "right"one, how to discipline, but most importantly how to love unconditionally. As a parent you give everything you have to make them happy and work hard at everything because it makes their life better. I may have looked at him with fear in my eyes that day but I loved him more than anything in the entire world. He has helped mold me as mommy. Thank you Lord for my Kev!

Playing putt-putt

I am so  proud of Kevin! He has really grown up over the last 3 months. He is so protective of his sister and he loves his baby brother Tate. Every night that we say our prayers he never forgets to thank Jesus for his baby brother Tate and that hes happy hes in heaven. It makes me sad to know they wont get to do things in life together but I know we will all see him soon. I pray that Tates testimony continues and helps Kevin grown in life. He is such an amazing son and brother! We couldnt be more proud!

Happy Birthday Kevin

We spent the weekend doing anything and everything Kevin wanted. We played putt-putt Saturday and Sunday we went to the Lake. We are blessed to have 2 aunts who have lake houses with the works. Boats, sea doos, floats and tubes....anything and everything! He had so much fun on the seados and swimming in the lake! I, myself am a little weirded out by the lake water but it was a good weekend for our family!


Friday, August 19, 2011

Im making a few changes to the blog. I want to change the name of my blog and heres why.... One is that Ive never liked the name 'The Southern Cricket'. I named it that because I, at the time thought I would be blogging about decorating and thrift store finds but now I feel HE had me start this blog to tell His story. He was preparing me to write my heart. So thats why I have decided to change it. Still not sure on the name but I have a few ideas. Maybe you all can help me with it! So here is a little story for yall to help me decided.
We knew from the time Tate was diagnosed with Trisomy 18 that his life on earth could be short. Throughout pregnancy we always felt the Lords presence in our lives, but much, much more than we ever expected. We felt we were called to be Tates parents. The Lord knew we would love him no matter the diagnoses. As the months of pregnancy went by we started to understand, through much prayer, the Lords decision to use us. It was up to us, through Tates life to tell about the Lords mercy and grace. Through blogging it helped me grow as a christian, as a mother and as a person in general. I wanted to shout from the mountain tops what a Mighty God we serve, yes, even through this terrible situation! We prayed and prayed and prayed for our son. We prayed that His will be done and that His Glory would shine through this situation! We prayed for our son to be healed IF it was the Lords will! We felt over time that the Lord was telling us, Tates time here with us would be short but of course, we never knew exactly how long that would be. Would it be just pregnancy, minutes after birth, or would he go home? All we could do was have faith that the Lords will would be done and pray for understanding.
I put myself in the word of God everyday. I wanted the Lord in every second of my life. I knew without Him I wouldnt be able to handle what was going to happen. My prayer life became better and my life became better. The Lord was working in my heart during this time! Im not sure at what point I started thinking differently about Tates time. I started getting things ready for him to come home. All those months of being told he would NOT come home by so many doctors, I stopped and listened to the Lord and I felt he gave me a peace about Tates time. I started praying for time with Tate more and more. I wanted him so badly and I just wanted a little time with the little boy who changed my life. Because of this little boy, I then and still now have the best relationship with the Lord and to me thats the greatest gift of all. As my pregnancy was coming to an end, the Lord blessed me with this calmness! He wrapped His loving arms around us and walked us through the valley! Tate died the day he was born and the Lord brought him back to us. That was the Lord showing His power! It was God who gave Tate life that day not a machine or a doctor! 53 days with Tate is more than anyone ever expected. All things are made possible with the Lord! After 2 days in the hospital we took Tate home and loved on him for 51 days! Even though Tate is gone, the Lord Granted me what I asked of Him..Time with Tate. The Lord GRANTED us and the world 53 days of His awesome Wonders through Baby Tate! Im thankful that the Lord found favor with David and I to be Tates parents! What an honor it is! Tate may have never said one word but his eyes said I love you every time I looked at him and I know the Lord looks into my heart and sees my pain and he will one day wash it all away and give the ultimate reward...Heaven! Where time with Tate is for all eternity! Im thankful the Lord saw who I could become when he chose me to be Tates mom and not the person I was. I pray that I can continue to make the Lord smile upon me and use this blog to show even through heartache comes joy. While I am still heartbroken, I look forward to the Joy that comes in the morning! Our lives are forever different because of one little innocent baby! Isnt that true for everyone! 
Thank you Lord for granting me what I asked of you! Those 53 days were the best days of my life!   

 I prayed fro this child, and the Lord granted me what I asked of Him.-1 Samuel 1:27

New Blog name-
"Granted Fifty-Three"
"Fifty-Three Granted"
"Granted Me with Fifty-Three"
-not sure because it wasnt just me? but the verse says "me"
"Fifty-Three Blessings"
just "Fifty-Three"
-yes I like 53 spelled out : )
I would use "Time with Tate" but I have other plans for that title....
tell me what you think?

You will still be able to type in "thesoutherncricket.blogspot.com"
just trying to find a new title
I hope this isnt going to be confusing!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wow Its been awhile! Just waiting on the Lord to give me the right words to write. Thanks to everyone who still prays for us. The past few days have been very hard for me and I pray for strength to get through a day. I miss Tate so much, its unbearable at times. Kevin and Allie Faith have really been keeping me busy. We have been getting ready for Kevins first year of school and his 5th birthday, coming up next week. We've been going to the thrift store and the park and we had my my nieces and nephews this past weekend.... Busy busy. If I dont keep myself busy then I give myself time to think and Im not ready to be "alone" with my thoughts just yet. I think the shock of it all is wearing off and life without Tate is so much harder than I imagined it would be. This is really hard BUT I know where he is and I know hes loving it! Just like the song by 33Miles says "Its a place that I believe in, where the streets are made of gold, let me tell you how to get there, 'cause thats where I WANT TO GO"  Thats where my peace is!!!
 I want to hold him so badly and the Lord gives me hope for tomorrow! I will hold him soon!
 My heart cant wait to get there!!!   
Just wanted ya'll to know that Im still here and working on getting back into blogging.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Today starts a new kind of day. Today David started back work so its just me Kevin and Allie Faith. Kevin doesnt start school until Sept. 6th. He is SO excited! Today the kids and I are going to clean out every closet and dresser drawer in our house (and maybe come to yours). I know they will just love that.....But its my attempt to keep MYSELF busy. If I dont, I will cry and cry and cry....I know alot of people would tell me its ok to cry and yes it is (and I do and will), its just when I cry about Tate I cant stop! This cry, like any mother who has lost a child, it physically hurts. I feel my arms are so empty and they hurt, my chest feels like its bruised. If I sit and do nothing thats what I will do. I will find myself at a really bad low. So Im going to use the strength the Lord has given me and CLEAN OUT. Kevin starts school soon and we've got to get this place organized. Dont worry, Im not saying I wont cry or grieve for Tate, I just need to keep busy while I do it.

Thank you to all who came Sunday to Tates Celebration of Life. We were so overwhelmed with loved shown by others. It ment the world to us to have you all there to share in looking back at Tates pictures, letting go of 203 balloons, 53 blue balloons, representing Tates 53 WONDERFUL days and 150 white balloons representing a small portion of prayers from you all, and hearing the word of God preached. Thank you again, it was the most special day of my life! I will never forget it~

When Allie Faith watched the balloons float away and as they got higher in the sky she said, "just like baby Tate"!

Mighty Wave By Sarah Reeves. This is a song I had played at the celebration. It so beautiful!

I know the Lord has great plans for our future! Joy come in the morning.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Celebration of Tates Life will be held at East Memorial Baptist Church in Prattville, 
Sunday August 7th at 3pm
 Join us as we praise God for our Miracle and release balloons into the sky...

Thursday, August 4, 2011

In Honor of Tate, Please Donate to the Save-A-Life East in lieu of flowers

As many of you know, whenever a couple finds out that their unborn child will have a fatal disease the world will place upon them a burdensome feeling about their special gift from God and abortion is chosen as option too often. Christina & David chose to remain faithful with their beautiful miracle baby and recognized him as a gift and not a burden.

In remembrance of Tate they are asking that you donate to Save-A-Life, a Christian Organization in Birmingham that aims "To help men and women embrace the Truth of God's Word as they make Life-affirming decisions about their unborn child." You can click HERE to donate. Make sure to put in the comment box that you are donating to Save-A-Life EAST in honor of Tate Jones and give them David & Christina's address which is 409 Tupelo Way, Birmingham, AL 35215.

You can send checks to:

Save A Life EAST Inc, 
1120 Gadsden Highway 
Birmingham, AL 35235-3116

-Be sure to put In Honor Of Tate Jones on your checks, please.

Thank you, God Bless!


Save-A-Life EAST Website

Tate David Jones Obituary

Tate David Jones
June 7, 2011 – July 30, 2011

Tate David Jones, 7 weeks old, of Birmingham Alabama went to be with our Lord Jesus Christ on Saturday July 30th, 2011. Tate had a chromosome disease known as Trisomy 18 that affects the development of the heart and lungs. 50% of Trisomy 18 babies are stillborn, but God had a different plan for Baby Tate’s life. His mother Christina (Cricket) and father David remained faithful throughout the pregnancy and prayed that God would use Tate’s life, even though the length of it would be uncertain. Christina chronicled their journey on her blog, http://www.thesoutherncricket.blogspot.com/, which grew to over 3,000 followers. Tate’s life and the Jones faith has touched thousands and the family finds comfort in knowing that even though he lived for only 53 days, God was given the glory for his life and his death. We pray that through Tate's life you grow closer to God knowing that through Him come life and death and peace. We find the ultimate comfort in knowing that Tate saw the face and held the hand of our loving Savior, as he was welcomed into eternal glory with our Heavenly father. A Memorial Service will be held August 7th at 3PM at East Memorial Baptist Church in Prattville, Alabama. Tate was laid to rest at Forest Crest Cemetery in Birmingham on Wednesday August 3rd. Tate is survived by his two faithful parents, David & Christina Jones, and two loving siblings, Kevin James Jones, 4, and Allie Faith Jones, 2. Tate is also survived by his Grandparents: Mike & AnnaMae Jones, Danny & Gretchen Loftin, Uncles: Chase & Clay Loftin, Timothy & Joshua & Stephen & Samuel & Joseph Jones, Heath Gray, Wes Thompson, Oscar Hernandez, Aunts: Courtney & Chelsea Loftin, Jennifer & Carolyn & Krystal Jones, Sarah Thompson, and Rebekah Hernandez, Great Aunts: Brooke (Craig) Curlee, Laura (Dale) Hepworth, Delain (Randell) Smith, Deb McCurdy, Diane (Bob) Brooke, Janeen (Larry) Moore, Lorie (Jim) Reinhold and Great Uncles: Randy (Sherry) Jones, David Sandford, and John (Donna) Sandford, and numerous cousins.