He shot His arrows deep into my heart. The thought of my suffering and hopelessness is bitter beyond words. I will never forget this awful time, as I grieve over my loss. YET I DARE to Hope when I remember this: The UNFAILING Love of the Lord NEVER ENDS! By His mercies we have been kept from complete destruction.
Lamentations 3:13,19-22

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tate Update

Today we had an appointment with Dr. K. Nothing really to report. Which is good! It was a very short appointment. My tummy measures 35 weeks which is only five days behind. Tates heart sounded really good! I feel every time they say that, they say it as if they are surprised. Yes he has two holes in his heart but Tate is a fighter! He is so strong! Believe me, I feel this little boy kick! I had some routine blood work done. The sweetest lady does all the blood work at Dr. K's office. She always remembers me. For some reason I feel I have a forgetful face....anyways I was sitting there waiting on the needle to go in and I guess I held my breath. She just made me laugh because she always has to remind me to breathe. She was writing my info down and told me the sweetest thing and one of the biggest compliments Ive ever received. She told me- Mr. Jones you always have this peace about you. I told her Im just quiet. She said No you can tell when someones quiet but still has alot going on in their life under the surface, youre peaceful. I said well Thank you!! I didnt tell her our situation. I didnt think I could do it without falling apart. I got my paper work and left the room after saying bye. It was nice to be given a compliment especially that compliment. Im not trying to say I have it all together...believe me I dont. I just feel the Lord has given me this peace that I cannot explain. -  Then you will experience God's peace, which exceeds anything we can understand- Philippians 4:7-
I go back in a week. I will go back every week now until Tate is born. Hoping for a few more ultrasound before then. Thank you for all your prayers. They have helped more than I can say.


The Murray's said...

You are an amazing woman with a beautiful face that nobody could forget. You always have an amazing peace about you, especially now with you carrying sweet Tate. I look up to you more than you know. I love all of you with all of my heart. The Lord has truly blessed you with a beautiful family.

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