He shot His arrows deep into my heart. The thought of my suffering and hopelessness is bitter beyond words. I will never forget this awful time, as I grieve over my loss. YET I DARE to Hope when I remember this: The UNFAILING Love of the Lord NEVER ENDS! By His mercies we have been kept from complete destruction.
Lamentations 3:13,19-22

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Doctor visit update

Today we went to our routine doctor appointment. We waited 2 and half hours but on the plus side we got to see Tate on the ultrasound. Well I got to see him. David was down stairs with the kids. We didnt have anyone to watch the kids so we just took them with us. There is plenty of room to run around at UAB. I was a little sad that the tech wouldnt wait on David. She was in a hurry and was just checking his fluid levels. I was thinking that she would be a little more understanding to our situation. Everytime we see Tate on the ultrasound is just a way for us to connect.
Tates fluid level is at 26 and 25 is the high. Its not too bad. He looks good. Sucking his hand as always. From what the tech could tell he was sucking. Sucking reflex are a little harder for tri-18. (PTL for the little things) Heartbeat good. Dr. Davis was very positive. No swelling. Preeclampsia is very common for women carrying tri-18 babies around now. It causes early labor, but I passed all my sugar test and levels all look good. Ive only gained 6 pounds at this point. Hes still very tiny. Going back in 2 weeks. Thank you for your continued prayers! 


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